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Want to run the member site?
  AuthPro will help you to add password protection and create members-only area on your website. You can protect your pages from unauthorized access in just few minutes using AuthPro! No any special requirements, software, programming or script installation on your server, just copy and paste some html code to your pages to get started. You can design custom login form, registration form for new members, free and paid membership support, edit members profiles, lost password reminder, easy management tool to configure your account settings, manage your members' list and check their activity/stats. You can also use many features to enhance your members' area (online or total members' list and count, personal greeting and much more).

Free Authpro Account
  You can try our free account to discover many features of AuthPro service: automated members registration and login system, page protection and membership management. You will be able to use registration page to sign up new members, login form, protect your pages with protection code and much more. Free account can have limited number of members, but you can upgrade it to deluxe at any time or keep using free version as long as you need.
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Deluxe Authpro Account
  With deluxe account you can fully utilize all features of AuthPro service: no banners, unlimited users, complete integration with your website. For a small fee, you can have unlimited number of members, will be able to paste all forms directly to your website and customize them to completely fit your website design.
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