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AuthPro Affiliate Program
  If you want to earn extra income through your website with AuthPro we would like to welcome you to our affiliate program. You will collect 25% for each and every sale that you refer, for life. Just send us new deluxe members and earn 25% of their monthly, quarterly or yearly payments as long as they keep their deluxe account with us. We are using 2CheckOut for tracking and making payments, to start just follow simply steps below.

1. Signup for free affiliate account with 2CheckOut if you do not already have one: click here to signup. After signup you will be given 'Vendor number', you will need it to setup your affiliate links.

2. Login to your 2Checkout affiliate account and go to 'Campains' tab. Find an Authpro campaign using authpro as 'Vendor Name' in search form:

and join it using 'Join campaign' link.

3. Go to 'Link Generator' tab to get link for AuthPro campaign and start promoting it!

4. That's all! Just send us visitors using code you get on previous step and they will bw automatically tracked by 2CheckOut. Once they upgrade to deluxe account you will receive 25% commission and will be paid by 2CheckOut according their payment terms.

Please contact us if you have any questions.