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About is part of CGI-City LLC and is dedicated to password protection and membership services. Our first password protection service was launched in 1998 as part of "Free CGI Resources" project and, due to popular demand, in April 2001 it was transferred to separate project named "AuthPro", offering password protection and membership services for webmasters from all over the world. Now we're serving more than 100 000* websites and 2 850 000* members and we are growing. Our servers are located in world class datacenters in Phoenix, AZ and Dallas, TX.

During this time there have been made a lot of improvements to AuthPro service, which allowed you to add many new enhancements to your website's members areas. We are always happy to hear new suggestions from you, our customers, that are great help to us to plan new improvements and features. Don't hesitate to contact us and let us know what features you'd like to see in our service in future.

We are hoping you'll find our service easy to setup, with a lot of powerful features, reasonably priced and that your company/website and your customers/members will benefit from using AuthPro as membership site solution.

* Based on registered accounts stats

Best regards, team.

Project of CGI-City, LLC
113 Barksdale Professional Center
Newark, DE 19711 (US)