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    HOSTING INTEGRATION: Homestead/Intuit
Homestead/Intuit Integration
  Basically to start using AuthPro service on your Homestead/Intuit website you need to paste AuthPro protection code to all pages you want to be "members-only" and add login form to your website so members can login to your members area or register. You will get all codes/links after signing up for AuthPro account and you can always get copy on the Account page of your AuthPro Account Manager.

If you want to link to AuthPro hosted pages from main menu select 'Links' in 'Site Navigation Menu' and add new link to AuthPro hosted URL (see pic 1).
If you want to embed AuthPro forms (with deluxe account) or HTML codes in the page editor use Insert -> More -> HTML and paste code in HTML snipped on the page (see pic 2).
To add AuthPro protection code to members area pages use 'Page Settings' -> Advanced Settings -> head Tag HTML (see pic 3).

Pic 1: Adding links to AuthPro hosted pages

Pic 2: Adding AuthPro HTML codes

Pic 3: Adding AuthPro protection code

Please contact us if you have any questions.