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PayPal IPN Integration

AuthPro offers support for PayPal one-time and subscriptions payments integration using Instant Payment Notification (IPN) messages. IPN is PayPal's interface for handling real-time purchase confirmation and server-to-server communications.

You can integrate PayPal IPN feature with AuthPro password protection, and AuthPro will create logins/passwords in your account automatically then customers pays their subscription via PayPal. When customer's subscription expires, their login/password will be automatically removed from AuthPro database.

If you do not have PayPal account you can signup here.

How it works:

  • customer visits your site and decides to subscribe to your member's area
  • customer clicks on "subscribe" button which sends him to PayPal payment page
  • customer pays you the subscription fee
  • paypal processes payment and, if successful, sends notification to AuthPro
  • authpro validates notification and create login/password for a customer in your account, using information supplied by paypal
  • paypal completes the payment and sends a customer to successful payment return URL (if specified)

To enable PayPal IPN management for your account, simply follow step by step guide below.

1. Enable IPN in your PayPal account

Login to your PayPal account, go to the Profile, "My selling tools" page, select "Instant payment notifications" and click "update" link (in "Getting paid and managing my risk" section). Click on "Choose IPN Settings" button to setup new IPN preferences. You can use this link to find this page in new Paypal account interface. Check "Receive IPN messages (Enabled)" button to enable IPN for your account and put this URL as "Notification URL":
Then click "Save" button to save the changes.

Click here for example.

2. Enable/configure PayPal IPN support in your AuthPro account

Login to your AuthPro account manager, go to 'Settings' page and check "Enable payment processing company support" box in your registration settings. Select "PayPal IPN" option and click 'configure' button. Put your paypal email address and set notification preferences, then click "Update" to save the changes.

3. Generate "Subscribe" buttons

For your convenience we have created PayPal subscription buttons generator which will generate the required HTML codes for you with all fields required for AuthPro to process PayPal IPN successfully.

To generate a new button you should go to "PayPal IPN settings" as described the in previous step and click on "Create new button" link to invoke PayPal buttons generation tool. When you generate your HTML codes, simply copy and paste them to your website. You can also edit the created button and get a new code using the "update/get code" link.

IMPORTANT: If you have made any changes to button options in your authpro account, make sure you have generated and updated the links/buttons code on your website, otherwise paypal IPN may fail validation.

4. Disable free registration to your AuthPro account

Login to your AuthPro account manager, go to 'Settings' page and uncheck "Allow new member registration" box in your registration settings, click "Update" button to save the changes.

You may want to remove a free registration link from a login page or change it to something else, you can do it on "Design" page of your account manager, edit "Display 'registration' message" field in "Login page" table.

Automated members management

There are three methods of adding members to your AuthPro account, you can select it individually for each button you create (use "Member Creation" option in button generation tool).

  • Automatic (PayPal) - (for subscription buttons only) username and password will be generated by PayPal and sent to us in encrypted format. We can't send real password to new member in welcome email in this case and you will only see hash of real password on Members Edit page (displayed as #HASH{...}). Your members should receive real password from PayPal.
  • Automatic (AuthPro) - username and password will be generated by AuthPro automatically and emailed to new member. Your members do not need to fill registration form and can login instantly after payment.
  • Registration form - your customers will be sent to registration form after payment where they can create username and password to access your members area. By default customers will be sent to AuthPro hosted registration form, but you can setup custom registration form on your website.

Please contact us if you still have any questions.