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password protection and other cgi scripts for your website
free web forum service
free guestbook service
Website Hosting
reliable, featured website hosting at affordable price
Basic features
Automatically register new members
Automatically find lost passwords
Automatically cancel membership
Members can view/edit their profiles
Protect your member's pages from being bookmarked and accessed without using your login page
HTML source code encoder tool
View, add, delete, modify your member's information
Up to 10 members per free account
Different URL's for different members
Customizable login form
Customizable registration form with any number of additional fields
Customizable edit profile form for members to update their information
Customizable email confirmation of registration
Email notification of new member registration
Auto or manual member registration
Free and paid membership registration support
Payment gateway integration (supported payment gateways list)
New members can be suspended until approved
Set member account expiration (by time or number of logins)
Email address verification
Automatically sent verification/approval email
Members login stats
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Deluxe account benefits

In addition to free account features you can gain the following benefits by registering AuthPro Deluxe account for only $4.95 per month (or less with yearly payment):

Unlimited members per account
No banners or authpro branding
Your own page header and footer
Full website integration: you can embed all forms directly to your website pages
Complete URL security
Display your own registration confirmation page
Export/Import members database
Priority technical support
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